Robo-One 2005 – Part 4 – General Stuff


 The crowds were impressive, yet always polite. The number of cameras in action easily outnumbered the number of attendees.


 Alice has a horn, an interesting piece of twisted metal sticking out from her forehead, and puts it to good use. She gets close to the competitor, then falls forward and extends her horn. She usually manages to hit the other robot right in the middle of the chest, and sometimes succeeds in knocking them right off their feet.


 The venue was the Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Technology), and the museum shop even had stuffed Pino characters for sale.


 The organizers borrowed a page from the Sumo wrestler’s play book, including having the round number carried around the competition ring.


If you pit two robots against one another, the results are pretty predictable. In this particular case it took three grown men about five minutes to get the two robots un-tangled.


The SF theme was pervasive.


Some robots even had their own, home grown rooting sections.


This family had two entries, and both of them managed to make it into the finals rounds.


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