RoboGames – Tickets are expected to sell out

RoboGames, billed as "The Largest Robot Show in America" is scheduled to take place from March 25th-27th on the San Francisco State University campus. According to a mailing sent out today from the organizers (see in the extended post below), they have limited attendance to 3,000 per day and expect to easily sell out.

The Largest Robot Show in America Returns!

Last year, over 400 robots came from around the world to compete in San Francisco in the first ever all-event international competition. This year, we've got even more robots, from more countries, competing in more events! Three buildings will be filled with robots for three full days of events. Combat robots from TV. Robot sculptures that are true works of art. And those amazing androids that are more agile than I ever was. Combat Robots, Artificial Intelligence Robots, and the Junior League Robots each have their own building - so there's plenty to see for everyone!

Last years event was covered by CNN, TechTV, The Mercury News, the Chronicle, Wired, USA Today, and many others. Check out some of the videos and articles about last years event:

Tickets are on sale here - only 3000 tickets available for each day, and they will sell out - So don't wait!

What you'll see:

  • Combat robots up to 340 lbs wreak havoc behind bullet proof glass!
  • Walking Robots - RoboOne androids that wrestle, stand on their heads, and do tai-chi!
  • Robot Soccer - robot dogs (Aibos) take each other on.
  • Robot Sumo - stronger than ComBots, some as small as a quarter!
  • Line slalom and Maze solving - these guys think by themselves!
  • Youth Competition - Students show their stuff!
  • And many, many more events. Click here for a list!

    When: Fri, Sat, and Sun, March 25-27; 11 AM - 11 PM
    Where: San Francisco State University, 19th Ave & Holloway
    Cost: $20/adult, $15/kids 7-17
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    One thought on “RoboGames – Tickets are expected to sell out

    1. I went to robogames, and would recommend it for people to go to next year. It’s fun!! I don’t ahve a camera and was wondering if anyone has images from this event, especially ones that inclue the Scottish team that built typhoon. My email is please and thank you!

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