PC Based Robosapien Control – Scripting Test Video

Here's the most recent test video. The test script included 18 commands plus embedded pause commands. The file is just over 1 megabyte.

Download robosambaian_scripting_test.wmv

Ps: The black object that comes into the left side of the screen at one point is my dog's nose.


One thought on “PC Based Robosapien Control – Scripting Test Video

  1. Hi,
    Let me introduce myself. My name is Leo, I’m French.
    I would like to congratulate your for your amazing software “Robo Controller”.
    I also work on robosapien’s modifications.
    Regularly using Microsoft Visual Basic 6, I would like to help you in your task.
    I could first achieve french localisation of your software, and more !

    Thanks in advance for your answer.
    Best regards

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