Bigger Than Life-Sized Robot

For some as yet unknown reason, film crews, ad agencies, and photographers in general seem to really like the Makuhari area. That goes double for the small park and plaza area surrounding the NTT building. A couple of weeks ago they were taping a new television commercial for the Japanese Post Office's express delivery service. The commercial featured Yuji Ota, and has just begun to show up on the small screen.

This morning while walking to the office I had to do a quick double take. This time it wasn't Ota - a real heart throb for young Japanese women - it was a bigger than life sized robot - or perhaps a character from one of the Playstation or X-Box role playing games. (Send me an e-mail if you know the name and source of the character).

Many thanks to Michael who pointed out that the character is Alphonse Elric from the Japanese anime series “Full Metal Alchemist” (Hagane no Renkinjutsushi). The character’s background is:

Alphonse Elric was but an innocent young child when a tragic chain of events changed his life forever. First, his father mysteriously vanished while Al was too young to remember. Then, after battling a terrible illness, Al’s mother succumbed to death. Finally, during a horrific accident performing forbidden Alchemy, Al’s body was sealed inside a suit of armor. . .”





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  1. The character in the photo is from the Japanese anime series: “Full Metal Alchemist”

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