Tetsujin/Gigantor Movie To Be Released March 19th

050214-Tetsujin-28The new Tetsujin 28 movie is scheduled to hit the theaters in Japan on March 19th. Tetsujin first appeared as a manga robot in 1956, and was controlled by voice commands from a young boy - the son of his creator. Tetsujin was quite popular in the late 50's and had his own animated television series. He was known as Gigantor in the US.


The official movie website (Japanese) even features a PDF file with a Tetsujin mask for kids (of all ages) to print out, cut out, and wear around the house when they feel like pretending to be Tetsujin.

It may be a coincidence, but the movie release date is the same day as the Japan Robo-One competition in Tokyo. http://www.robo-one.com/


One thought on “Tetsujin/Gigantor Movie To Be Released March 19th

  1. Hi,Just wondering when the new Gigantor movie is coming to the united states.Thank you.

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