Robot Soccer Article Features VisiOn and Team OSAKA

The Japan Times published an interesting article featuring the VisiON robot and Team OSAKA as a lead up to this summer’s RoboCup competition. The complete text of the article is available online via the Japan Times website or by the direct link below.


“Members of Team OSAKA bubbled over with excitement after their teammate scored a goal in a penalty-kick shootout, leading the team to victory in a sort of world soccer championship. The little goal-scorer is a 39-cm humanoid robot named VisiON. VisiON was a star in the humanoid league in last year's international robot soccer contest, called the RoboCup, held in Lisbon in July. RoboCup 2004 was the eighth annual event of its kind. The objective is to make a team of autonomous humanoid robot players that can defeat a human World Cup champion team by 2050.”

Vstone leader Yamato gears up for RoboCup


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