Robot Battle – January 30, 2005

The Robot Battle segment on NTV’s “World Records” program yesterday was even more interesting than the previous week’s competition. Here’s a few highlights:

The engineers/designers were all extremely ‘hands-on’, and almost always hold their robot in one hand while they program routines on the computer to drive it.

050130 robot battle01

This particular competitor is a motor specialist. He designed and constructed special heavy-duty motors for his robot. One of his test routines is to have the robot punch a large metal chest across the floor.

050130 robot battle02

The competitors usually have a good sense of humor. This robot did a great imitation of a sumo wrestler’s routine.

050130 robot battle03

Of course if your robot is going to compete, what better way to show off its power than to have it break a stack of bricks?

050130 robot battle05

One quick, strong, and true blow was all it took.

050130 robot battle04

The other competitor was also very hands-on.

050130 robot battle06

His robot, Omni-striker, featured a long shaft connected to one hand that could be rapidly extended. . .

050130 robot battle07

while the other hand came equipped with a mini-robot sized samurai sword.

050130 robot battle09

This weeks battle was extremely hot and hectic. Lots of pushing, shoving, and a fair share of blows being landed right on target.

050130 robot battle10

One very unusual, but totally within the rules, strategy is to stand on your head as the robot on the left is doing.

050130 robot battle12

Pushing, pushing, and more pushing. . .

050130 robot battle13

And sooner or later one of the robots goes flying out of the ring.

050130 robot battle14


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