ROBOlympics Update

The Robotics Society of America (RSA) just sent out their monthly newsletter including a reminder that there is only one month left to register if you want to compete in the ROBOlympics.

There's also an interesting note about the Bay Area Robot Soccer Team. San Francisco State University (SFSU), David Calkins, and BuffingtonFX are putting together the Mirosot Robot Soccer team - and they're looking for your help. The next RSA meeting is Wednesday, Feb 2nd on the SFSU campus (YIPES! That's today!).

They promise to explain everything about robot soccer, show videos of past competitions, and get you real excited about joining their team. If I wasn't 5,000 miles away, I'd definitely be there.

A copy of the RSA newsletter and the relevant links is attached below:

ROBOlympics Registration closes soon!

Only one month left!

Register now or check out our website, including videos from last year!

ROBOlympics will be March 24-27th, 2005 at San Francisco State University - a campus-wide event with events in five different buildings!

Bay Area Robot Soccer Team Needs YOU!

San Francisco State University, David Calkins, and BuffingtonFX have joined forces to create a Mirosot Robot Soccer team! We need your help!

RSA meeting Wednesday, Feb 2nd at SFSU room 256 6:30pm. Come join us to see what robot soccer is all about. We'll be showing videos and devising strategy to finish our soccer team by ROBOlympics.

While we don't expect to win the gold, we do expect to finish our programming and vision system to be able to compete (we've already made the robots!) Come join us and find out what soccer is all about and how you can start something new!

Map to meeting.

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