Progress With A Robosapien Control Application

Progress always seems to come in fits and starts. I make some headway, then hit a bump in the road that either slows me down, or totally distracts me. Sometimes it's so severe that I get totally frustrated and have to set a project aside for a while. At other times it seems like everything wants to come together almost effortlessly. Thankfully, I seem to be in one of the latter cycles right now and everything is going pretty smoothly - knock on wood.

I was able to get the USBUIRT working with Girder, and to confirm that I could send commands to my Robosapien. The next step was to explore the USBUIRT API and DLL to see how it could be modified. The API is a 'developer' tool, and isn't provided with the USBUIRT, but if you have purchased a USBUIRT and are trying to develop an application based on it, you can request a copy from Jon via the support email address on his website. Jon was also kind enough to include a sample test program written in Visual Basic - which was great since I have a lot of experience with VB and will probably use it as the platform for a lot of my projects.

The test program was fairly easy to understand - especially since all I really wanted to do at this point was to transmit an IR code to the Robosapien. Getting the IR code format set correctly took a little while, and I was hindered by a bug in my VB installation that caused it to crash unexpectedly. The IR code format concern was sorted out by looking at other people's code on line to see how they had solved the problem. The VB problem was solved by a patch down-loaded from the Microsoft support website. Then, about 10:00 pm on Sunday night, I was finally able to send commands from a VB program running on my laptop to Robosapien!

The next step is to develop a spec for a fully functional control program, and then code it in VB. It looks like it should be very straight forward to develop a remote control program that just emulates the Robosapien remote. However, I think that particular approach might get boring very quickly. Besides, I always have the physical remote in case I need to use it.

At this point I'm leaning towards a choreography type controller. Something that would allow me to build up movement sequences and allow for macro loops, delays, repeats, and the like. It also needs to consider the elapsed time to execute each command into consideration. For example, when Pixar or Disney put together an animated movie they usually do the vocals and music first, then fit the animation timing into the audio tracks. I suspect that the same approach would work well in this case.

Assuming that I take that route, I will need to define a syntax - a command set, and a good place to start is with the commands that have already been setup by other Robosapien experimenters using the Girder application. The Girder GML file is basically a flat text file that includes a lot of parameters that won't be needed in this application. Pulling out just the group names, actions, command names, and the corresponding USBUIRT IR codes should provide a strong base for the choreography application (see the IR control code table below. )


Robosapien USBUIRT IR Control Codes
Group Action Command USBUIRT Code
Arms R arm up rarmup R08008109808520212122212221212122212121808720
R arm down rarmdown R08008101808321212122212121212180862022212121
R arm out rarmout R08008109808321212122212121212122218086202121
R arm in rarmin R2D9980FE80852021212221212123218086202021808720
L arm up larmup R0800810E80832121212221212180852120212221808520
L arm down larmdown R080080F780852021212221212180872080862022212121
L arm out larmout R0800810B80842021212221212180872021218085212121
L arm in larmin R080080F48086202121222122218086208086202221808620
R arm all up rarmallup R14D18109808520212122212221212122212121808720
R arm all down rarmalldown R12D08101808321212122212121212180862022212121
R arm all out rarmallout R0FD38109808321212122212121212122218086202121
R arm all in rarmallin R105180FE80852021212221212123218086202021808720
L arm all up larmallup R1116810E80832121212221212180852120212221808520
L arm all down larmalldown R128980F780852021212 221212180872080862022212121
L arm all out larmallout R0FE6810B80862021212221212180872021218085212121
L arm all in larmallin R0DC680F48085202121222122218086208086202221808620
Movement walk forward walkf R239B80F980842121212221212121218086208086202121
walk backward walkb R153480EF8085202121222121212321808620808421808520
step forward stepf R080080F38085202121808620222121218086208086202121
step backward stepb R08008108808520212180862022212121808620808620808520
stop stop R165580FC8085202121222122218085208086208086202121
lean left leanl R149C80FC8085202121222122218085202121808620808520
lean right leanr R10AD810680852021212221212123212021808620808720
turn step left turnstepl R080080FD80852022218086202021808720212121212121
turn step right turnstepr R08008103808420212180862121212121222122212121
left left R2AAB8104808520212122212221808620212122212121
right right R1FC381098085202121222122212121222121212121
lean forward leanforward R080080F0808520212180862022218086208086202221808620
lean back leanback R080080F38085202221808620202121218086212121808521
Arm Combo right sweep sweepr R0800810380852080852120212221212122212121808720
left sweep sweepl R080081028085208087202121212180852120212221808520
right thump thumpr R0800810180852022218086202021212122212221808520
left thump thumpl R080081058085202121808620222180862021212221808620
right pick up rpickup R080080F680852021218086202221212180862022212121
left pick up lpickup R080081098085202121808620222180852080862022212121
right throw rthrow R0800810180852021218086202221212122218085202221
left throw lthrow R080081008084202221808520202180862021218084202221
right strike 1 rstrike1 R080080F78085208087202221212121218086202221808620
left strike 1 lstrike1 R080080EE808520808520222122218086208086202221808620
right strike 2 rstrike2 R080080FE8085208087202121212121212221808620808521
left strike 2 lstrike2 R080080F4808620808720222121218087202221808520808720
left strike 3 lstrike3 R080080F980852080852021212221808520212122212121
right strike 3 rstrike3 R08008103808520808520212122212121222121212121
Attitude Talk Back talkback R080080EF8085208085202221222180862080862022212121
Whistle whistle R080081058085208087202121212180872021218085202221
High 5 high5 R080080F980852080852120212221212180862022212121
Burp burp R080080FE80852080852021212221212122218085212121
Bulldozer bulldozer R080080F18 085208085212021222121218086208086202121
Roar roar R080080F7808520808520212122218086208086208086202121
Fart fart R0800810A808520808520212122212121808620808620808520
Sleep sleep R080081008083212121808620202123212021808620808720
Wake Up wakeup R080080FF8085202121808620808620212122212221808520
Program Modes R sensor rsensor R159E810080852022212021808620212122218086202121
L sensor lsensor R15F180FE8085202121222180852121212221808520808620
sonic sensor ssensor R1749810680852021212221808521212180862020212321
main program mainprog R18E28103808520212122218086202121222121212321
execute main exemain R1A51810780852022212021808620212122212221808520
Misc. demo 2 demo2 R080080F3808520808520212180862021212221808620808520
demo 1 demo1 R080080F58083218085202121808620212122218085212121
listen mode listenmode R080080F7808520212180862022218085202121808720808520
turn off turnoff R080080FD8085208085202121808620212122212121808720
Dance dance R080081028085208085202121808620212180862022212121


2 thoughts on “Progress With A Robosapien Control Application

  1. Hi, it sounds like you have done some really interesting work on the Robosapien. I am also working on a project to control the Robosapien from my PC using a PDA, via Bluetooth. I was thinking about using VB to do this.

    If there is any information or help that you can give me in this regard, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

  2. Hi, interesting work on the Robosapien. I am also working on a project to control the Robosapien from my PC ti infrared. I was thinking about using VB to do this.

    Thank You

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