PDXBOT.05 – Portland Area Robotics Society Annual Contest

The schedule’s been fixed for this years Portland (Oregon) Area Robotics competition. It’s going to take place on Sunday, May 1st at the Smith Center Ballroom on the PSU campus. I’ve attached a copy of the notification they sent out below, but be sure and check the official website at pdxbot.org for the latest information.

They mention that DVDs from the past two events are available for online ordering. I purchased both DVDs about a month ago, and definitely enjoyed viewing them. The 2003 event DVD was so-so, but the 2004 DVD was excellent. If you can’t attend, or if you are interested in seeing what these events are all about, then the DVDs are a good approach. They might also be very useful to show in a classroom setting, or to convince “the powers that be” in your neighborhood that they should underwrite a similar event.

The Portland Area Robotics Society announces  that this year's annual
contest-PDXbot'05 - will be held Sunday, May 1st this  year. That's a bit earlier
than usual, so start getting your robots ready now!  The Folks at PSU are
allowing us to use the Smith Center Ballroom again, and  parking will again be free.

This year, we are offering several  competitions.

SRS-RoboMagellan- We have decided to offer this great new  outdoor navigation
contest as envisioned by the Seattle Robotics Society. Same  rules as in
Seattle, with a twist of being in a somewhat more restraining  environment on the
South Park blocks, right in back of the Smith Center. Get  those object
sensors working! The exact time and date for this event hasn't been  set due to
scheduling concerns (it could be Saturday or Sunday), so keep  checking at the
PDXbot web site
www.pdxbot.org for the latest  updates.

Sumo- Contests will be held in five classes this year: Nano,  Micro,
Beginner's Mini, advanced Mini, and 3kg classes. No hold down devices  (vacuum or
magnets) will be allowed in any class.

Line following- We are  offering Beginning and advanced versions of this
contest. If we have enough  contestants, we'll have head-to-head racing!

Walker race- Last year's  popular out and back race returns with some rules

Talent  show- If you have a neat robot, bring it and show it off. If the
judges like  your robot, you could walk off with a prize!

A note on rules- In an  effort to make your robots able to compete in several
contests, we have been  working with our friends in the Seattle Robotics
Society to unify the rules for  most contests. You'll find that this year's
Robothon will use the same rules for  most of these contests, so you won't have to
modify your robots to meet  differing rules. Now you have no excuse to not
build that great new robot! We  didn't get around to unifying the Sumo rules, but
they aren't that much  different anyway. The same robots seem to do well at
both contests. All the  rules are posted on the PDXbot site.

PDXbot.05 will include new and  improved tech displays, vendor booths,
demonstrations, Items for purchase, food,  a Kid's robotics zone, robot-related
raffles, and fun for the whole family.  Admission is free! Plan your visit Now!

Visit the PDXbot web site  www.pdxbot.org  for information on rules, maps,
travel information, venue  directions, and information on our sponsors and

And, if you  haven't been to a PDXbot event, you can see what one is like by
going to the  PARTS web site (
www.portlandrobotics.org ) and clicking on the
merchandise link  to get a copy of the PDXbot04 and '03 DVDs. 


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