Chrome and Dome – Robosapien Rap Group Makes History

Chrome and Dome, the stars of the first robot rap video in history, hit the press big time with the news of their popular music video appearing on numerous industry news sites including, Emediawire, Webwire, Xtvworld Media Junction,  and many others.

Robotics News - First Robot Rap Video in History

NEW YORK ( - Robots appear to be making fresh new inroads into the lives of people everywhere. Once relegated to research projects or to narrow vertical industries such as manufacturing, they have reached the tipping point and are now set to invade our very homes. As usual, the entertainment industry proves to be the messenger of a fresh new perspective on robots.

According to Robert Oschler, webmaster for the popular RobotsRule web site at, which provides information and video on the latest robot news, there is a building need for public information regarding our new robot counterparts. "The technologically inclined long have had web sites and instructional videos to help explain the inner workings of a robot's servos, gears, and electronics. It is now time to address the average citizen's questions regarding robots."

Robotics News - First Robot Rap Video in History @ - 40 Top 20 & Top 40 Music Charts from 25 Countries


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