Robots Battle on Prime Time TV

In a previous post “Robot Battle Makes Primetime” I mentioned the weekly NTV “World Records” program featuring a battle between two bipedal robots. This past Sunday I was able to catch the broadcast. The robot segment was about 14 minutes long – quite long considering the whole program is less than one hour. 

The competition was between Dynamizer (Sugiura family) and Marin (Nakamura family). Both robots were definitely full family projects.


The Sugiura’s machine even their own robot parts at home.


Sugiura’s 13 year old son programming Dynamizer. I was impressed by the fact that he uses his left hand to hold the robot while he’s programming the movements – direct physical feedback. It must work, because the robot’s moves are really life like – for it’s size and technology.


The Nakamura’s working on Marin at home – “ROBO-ONE Jr. with Family.”


The Nakamura’s 9 year old daughter is Marin’s operator and uses a custom controller they designed incorporating a game joystick.


Some of Marin’s electronics.


The robots really go at it – hot and heavy. Dynamizer was more acrobatic and fast on his feet, while Marin was a real boxer – always trying to land a punch.



The techniques they executed included kicks, head butting, and even a back flip kick.



I’m not going to post who the winner was. The program has a weekly prize drawing that viewers enter by sending in a postcard with the winning robot’s name, so I don’t want to spill the beans.

Here are a few short video clips showing the robots in action-

Download 050124Robotbattle01.wmv (367.9K)

Download 050124robotbattle02.wmv (699.4K)

Download 050124robotbattle3.wmv (1078.9K)


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