Robosapien Parody Video

Robert over at the Robots Rule web site put together a pretty funny video featuring his two Robosapiens – “Chrome” and “Dome” – along with their pet dog “Crappy.” It’s definitely worth checking out. The humor is definitely in keeping with the Mark Tilden burping spirit embodied in Robosapien. According to Robert, “The quotes are fictional and silly and so is the movie.” He seems to have quite a well developed sense of humor, which is very refreshing. Crome and Dome even have their own blog at

050117 robots rule

While you’re visiting the Robots Rule web site, be sure to check out some of the other pages. The most interesting for me was the way Robert put Jon Rhee’s UIRT Infrared Transceiver and the Girder Windows automation software to good use to control his Robosapiens directly from his PC. Frankly, I was impressed enough that I just put one of the UIRT Transceivers on order. I suspect that I will use it to control a lot of devices, not just my Robosapien.


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