iMac, iPod, and now iDog

Sega Toys just announced the “idog” – a robot pet that not only plays with you, but enjoys composing and playing music as well. It’s scheduled to be in the stores in Japan April 2nd.


It’s loaded with switches – on its nose, two on the top of its head, its tail, and an optical sensor about where its tongue would be. It seems to express itself using LEDs on its face – one 3–color and six 2–color LEDS that flash in various patterns. There’s a speaker in its back, and stereo and microphone inputs in its rear legs. It’s hard to tell from the website information, but it appears that it doesn’t move around, wiggle its ears, or wag its tail. The latest information is that it wiggles its ears and moves its feet in time with the music. The MSRP is listed as 4,179 yen (including tax) – roughly USD $41.

Of course, the colors and general design look very similar to certain other “i” products introduced by a famous computer company that happens to be named after a fruit. Everyone seems to be getting into the iCopy game. Personally, I think I’ll wait for the iGirl to hit the market. 


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