FIRST Robotics Competition Kickoff – 2005

The NASA Robotics Education Project has posted all the information from the FIRST Robotics Competion Kick-Off event that was held in Manchester, New Hampshire on Saturday morning. Files include a text transcript along with videos of the kick-off event, how to assemble the chassis, how to assemble some of the game pieces, and an animation of the competition itself.

One word of caution - the video files are huge. For example, the kick-off video file is 184 megs. At the same time, if you take the time to download that file and view it, you will probably find some of the presentations to be extremely enlightening and thought provoking. I found the talks given by Dean Kamen and Dr. Woodie Flowers be delightful. Although they focused on the FIRST organization and this years competition, they included lots of examples from 'real life' along with their concerns and aspirations for the future of robotics and engineering as a part of society in general.

FIRST Kickoff event information


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