New York Times Article on Robosapiens

The New York Times posted a six page article covering the development of Robosapiens, Mark Tilden, background information on Wow Wee, and a lot of other good stuff. Among other things, it confirms that Tilden was the model for Robosapiens, right down to the grunts and burps. Apparently he acted out the moves for the programmers and they converted them to code. Really reminds me of John Woo acting out Hulk's moves for the animators.

Robosapien has 28 hidden functions that do not appear in the manual. For example, you can shut the robot down, and ''when he dies,'' as Tilden put it, ''the last word he says, and it's the only English word he has right now, is ''Rosebud'' -- which is from Orson Welles's 'Citizen Kane.' If you remember, you wait the entire movie, and you find out Rosebud was the name of his favorite toy. So just imagine the poetic symmetry. Just before Robosapien dies, he has a dream of another toy.''

Link: The New York Times > Magazine > A Robot for the Masses.


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