Robo Burps – Robosapien Style

Ever wonder how the Robosapien came up with such realistic burping sounds? According to an article in the Observer, all it took was to stuff a 6' 3", 350 pound human (aka Mark Tilden) with huge amounts of Thai food and Pepsi....

Link: The Observer | UK News | The burping robot who gave Mars a miss.

In a hotel room in Hong Kong the maid walks in to find a large, bearded man under a tent made out of pillows and a duvet, clutching a torch and burping into a voice recorder. The man is Mark Tilden, 6ft 3in and weighing 350lb, who has consumed huge quantities of Thai food and Pepsi ('because Chinese and Coca-Cola doesn't make you burp very well') to help him bring up wind. What the maid, in her shock, does not realise is that she is witnessing the birth of the most sought-after toy in the world.


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