Scaling the Micromouse to the real world

I spent some time in a toy store yesterday looking at some of the model vehicles and thinking about how they scale to their real counterparts. Of course I started to wonder about how some of the top micromouse competitors would scale to the real world, so I did some back of the envelope calculations comparing Itani-san's MM3 mouse and the new Citroen C4.





Length (mm)




Height (mm)




Width (mm)




A rough scale factor would seem to be 30:1. When MM3 won the 2002 All Japan Micromouse competition it raced across 75 cells with 37 turns at an average speed of 1,508 mm/sec. Scaling that up it corresponds to a real world speed of 162 kph (101 mph). Imagine driving a race car at 160 kph over a course that's only 400 meters long but includes 37 right angle turns with very little clearance. Really breath-taking performance.


3 thoughts on “Scaling the Micromouse to the real world

  1. Interesting Idea, however I very much doubt it would work quite that well…

    By the looks of it, you have done a very simple scaling but, if you were to look further into it, you would notice that the power/weight ratio would change exponentially as you increase mass.

    Also the inertia involved would mean that the 90° turns would not be possible without adding sort of breaking system to decrease velocity before the turns.

  2. You’re correct – it wouldn’t work out quite that well, but nevertheless, the micromouse performance is extremely impressive. If you would like to work out the actual math and physics, I would be happy to publish it for all our readers.

  3. While I’d love to, Im afraid I’ll have to decline… I just don’t have that much time on my hands (smirk)….

    But I’m sure it would make an interesting read if someone were to.

    And yes, I must agree, the MM performance is impressive.

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