Robots Battle It Out For The Presidency

It had to happen, and it didn't take long at all. figured out how to operate two RoboSapiens at the same time without having the remote controls mix signals, then they put photos of Bush and Kerry on the robots and let them duke it out. I'm not exactly sure, but I suspect from the photos that they that did it were very pro-Kerry at heart.

"The folks at reconfigured two RoboSapiens into a Robot Bush and Robot Kerry. The robot presidential candidates were then set against each in other in a fight to the death. Just like the real candidates, the robots have tiny brains with limited intelligence and are remotely controlled by human handlers. In a related story several months ago, it was revealed that Vice President Dick Cheney is a robot. Thanks go to The Swirling Brain for bringing this urgent political story to our attention." - Robot news and Robotics Info


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