RoboSapien Gets Naked

Rui J. Alves from Portugal (currently living and working in Macau - the opposite side of the world from Portugal) has a great site featuring his work with robotics, Linux, and a bunch of other interesting stuff. He bought a Robosapien, and apparently restrained himself from tearing it apart to hack for at least 24 hours. He did a fantastic job of documenting the tear-down, disassembly, and internals complete with really detailed and in-focus photos of everything including the inside of the remote control.

If you're interested in the RoboSapien at all, it's well worth the time to check out Rui's site. While you're there, be sure to give him a little positive feedback and encouragement. I can hardly wait to see what he manages to hack into Roboguy. - Practical Technology - /extra.php

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