Itani-san's MM3 Micromouse


I was really fascinated by Itani-san's MM3 micromouse during the competition this weekend, and a little disappointed that it didn't end up winning. Nevertheless, the concept of steerable wheels really caught my attention, so I decided to do more research. It was a little difficult since the kanji used in his family name can be pronounced a number of different ways, but eventually I managed to do a successful Google search and located a website (in Japanese) that includes lots of MM3 photos and wealth of design detail. There are photos showing the body without the PC boards, and even a photo of MM3's underside. There is also an extensive writeup covering things like steering through the maze on a diagonal, speed control, sensors, a great video, a downloadable maze program, and the like, plus a link to Nakajima's site for the background on the six wheel design. I wasn't too surprised to find that MM3 uses a Murata piezo-electric gyroscope.

MM3 Website - Details


2 thoughts on “Itani-san's MM3 Micromouse

  1. hey
    would u plz help me …
    i m in search for maze simulator
    and i m not able to know how is this working as it is all written in some different language
    so plzz help me out

  2. Ruchita,

    Itani is Japanese, and his site is in Japanese. You can use the Google online translation to read his site.

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