How Big Is a Micromouse in Texas?

The Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC) will be held in Austin, Texas from March 6th-10th, 2005. In conjunction with the conference their 18th annual MicroMouse contest will be staged on Monday evening, March 7th. It's not likely that I will be able to attend. But, stranger things have happened, so I'm not going to entirely rule it out, especially since my sister lives in Hewitt, Texas, only a few hours by car.

The organizer for the APEC Austin MicroMouse event is David Otten, the primary designer for the MIT MITEE micromice (micromouses?) In addition to his work at MIT, David is an extremely proactive supporter of micromouse events worldwide. The photos above were taken during the Japan event last weekend where David's entry in the competition was MITEE 9.

I highly recommend that you attend the APEC Austin event, if you have the chance. I've watched competitions on television before, but actually being there in person is a completely different experience - well worth the time and effort involved.

APEC 2005 will be hosting its eighteenth annual MicroMouse contest at Hilton Hotel in Austin, Texas the evening of Monday, March 7 starting at approximately 8:00 PM. It is not necessary for contestants to register for the conference in order to compete.

Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC) 2005 Entering The MicroMouse Contest


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